Friday, May 10, 2013

May 10, 2013 (Post Scandal Edition)

1. I was going to apologize for last night's Facebook posts......nahhhhh!!!
2. Shonda and the writers of Scandal I hate you!!!! Not really but if I have a heart attack you know who to blame.
3. How do you just hide out for 2 years? You ain't got no family? The agency (forgot name) that Huck use to work for doesn't verify mission accomplished?Aren't  they supposed to bring back an   ear or a finger? Why does Charlie keep leaving people alive? 
4. Mellie's actions last night makes me still think she has motives, but I do believe she wants Fitz to love her.
5. I LOVE when a man takes control!!! When Harrison and Fitz......Jesus!!! Harrison is so much more than talk!!! 
6. Next Thursday the season comes to an end.....and after last night????? I hope I don't end up in a fetal position saying 752 like Huck
7. No lie....when I see Byron Douglass III I feel old, he looks old enough to be my granddaddy now 
8. I wonder how many seasons will we be glued to Scandal? I mean planning your life around Thursday nights can get hard. What if I ever get married (speak it, yes!!!!)? Will I continue to plan around this show? I cut off my momma, Starling, & Eloise......and I love them all with all my heart, yes it is that serious, I think I may have a problem :-/
9. During the summer I think every Thursday night I will rewatch season 1 & 2......just to appease my addiction and maybe catch something I missed
10. Scandal you make me question so morals, my priorities, my ability to figure out the story line. But in the end I am still good, this is fiction, a guilty pleasure....I don't condone cheating, murder, and a lot of the craziness that occurs, but I do enjoy how the show demonstrates all "heroes" have flaws....we all have our kryptonite it just comes in different forms. One thing I have learned in the past few years.....never say never 


  1. They talk so fast that I KNOW I missed something this season...hell I might have to re-watch season 1!!