Saturday, October 15, 2016

I can only be me!!!!

  1. That ain't scripture! (Paraphrasing a friend)
  2. Self reflection during several nights of insomnia. This morning thankful for revelation 
  3. I am doing what I do every TSU homecoming weekend...don't be surprised
  4. As I listened, I reminded myself again how deeply I loved you. Not only because I believe you value me, but also because I believe we both have arrived, finally, at what love is. When you want and pray for someone to be all God created them to be, despite any personal sacrifice it might entail, that is love. Love is overcoming. Love is passion clothed in infinite patience. ~Ruby Dee (I love facebook memories sometimes)
  5. This is so new to me
  6. Yesterday I almost did a random thoughts analyzing THEE Gucci Mane's WOPTOBER (similar to the classic 2 Chainz random thoughts) but too many curse words would need to be used. But I will say Bling Blaww Burr is a fav. Does he still have the ice cream tattoo on his face?
  7. Straight or curly this week. So ready for weekly hair appointments 
  8. Worship, brunch, nap in that order tomorrow. Who wants to join? 
  9. Michelle Obama is amazing!
  10. Never assume things about me based on my social media posts, if you want to know something just ask
  11. Donald Trump is the epitome of white male privilege
  12. Think today will be a Hathaway music day....Donnie and Lalah
  13. I purchased Ben & Jerry's just because
  14. Still smiling 😁😁😁
  15. I know God has a reason for all of this. I have to trust the process. Not always easy....

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

But you said

1. Think it is time to permanently retire random thoughts
2. Blogger app keeps crashing....think it is a sign
3. You can't tell me she is not being treated differently because she is a woman (#ImWithHer flaws and all)
4. We will see how this goes :-/
5. What shall I wear to Beyonce?  Being comfortable is a must
6. I need a new tattoo
7. You make me smile :-)
8. Reading about liver cancer and diseases....I have not had wine in a month
9. I need to workout badly
10.  Luke Cage is amazing (I know I have not watched, but I just know)
11. I could not watch the debate last night, I couldn't take it
12. Evil
13. I need to chill with the ice...but it is so good
14. Why are you voting for Trump?
15. So Mary J. Blige who told you this was okay?
16. Spotify lists are not too bad
17. I can't let your issues become my issues.  Repeat!
18. New job is a less stressful and I am loving it
19. Red Lobster is not fancy
20. Praying for those who lost loved ones recently
21. I am not a fan of beer
22. Are you registered to vote?
23. She needs new stylist
24. I am getting married next year
25. But where is your neck (as I look at your instagram pictures)
26. Why does our Blackness scare you?
27. You're so beautiful!!!!! (In my Jamal Lyon voice)

Monday, September 19, 2016

1. Actually coming out of my funk
2. In my office all alone today and actually being super productive
3.90's babymakers playlist on spotify.....nice!
4. So need a massage. Any Nashville suggestions?
5. Reply all was abused this morning.....ARGHHH!!!
6. It's complicated
7. I must stick to the plan
8. I didn't like Kerry Washington's Emmy look
9. Do you know?
10. My wine consumption is slowing down.....
11. The human touch is needed.
12. If you make macaroni and cheese out of a box we can't be friends
13. Winter baking....I wonder what I will experiment with???
14.  Finishing up your 52 ounce bubba of water before noon.....not a good idea
15. "Inside of me lives a civil war between me and me. It is amazing, because I am all the time winning and all the time losing."
16. I want pizza (so much easier being fat)
17. Some of these snapchat filters, nope!
18.  Maybe I will just adopt
19. What would your perfect date consist of?

Friday, September 16, 2016

My neck hurts!

1. March 2nd, 2016....the day you found out, Oldie
2. Lotion is your friend
3. I have my weekends free again!!!! What shall I do? Where shall I go?  
4. My apartment is a symbol of my life right now....a mess
5. The twitching in my arm is slowing down....thanks for the iMessage diagnosis
6. Retook my work id pic for the first time in almost 6 years (nervous I was not going to be able to get another good pic....the risk was high) and it turned out great!
7. Little Miss Flint and Trump, the babies know!
8. Dreamt about K Michelle and our Greenwood days last night, very weird
9. I may or may not have been wearing two different brown flip flops for a while (think different season's roll outs)
10. Dude there is a Starbucks right upstairs in my new office!!
11. Eric Roberson's "I have a song" lyrics....when you look at me what do you see? Do you understand my story? All I want is love, someone else to see. If you took the time I have a song
12.  iOS update went fine, apple watch update....not so much, but I do have Minnie Mouse on my watch now
13. Self care is so important, you can't help others when you are empty. Thank you Friend Zone.
14. I love Crissles! Please listen to her read from yesterday's podcast. You are welcome
15. The police shot another child? Why do we scare you so much?
16. A.D.I.D.A.S. All day I dream about......

Wednesday, September 14, 2016


1. New position started this week! Learning and I love it!
2. “There are times when I am convinced I am unfit for any human relationship.”
3. Shouldn't have eaten that pizza last night
4. The ice machine wasn't working this morning, rude!
5. What shall I wear for the concert?
6. What is exactly too much booty in the pants?
7. Think I know what my next hair color will be
8. My right arm is trippin
9. What would your theme song be?
10. Yesterday we might have blasted 2 Chainz in my office.....I think I am going to like it here
11. 2 weeks!
12. Do I have to stop wearing flip flops?
13. I have been in a huge funk....I need to get out of it
14. I love you so much 

Friday, September 9, 2016

I'm back for now

1. The excitement of being in formation in a few weeks is not as strong....but I will be there!
2. Salted caramel white chocolate mocha is back!!!!
3. Humidity would not let my curls be great, but my ponytail is on point 
4. I think I have a work crush...
5. Monday starts new beginnings, excited!
6. Memphis trips monthly for the rest of the year, gasp!
7. Don't like the hashtag #relationshipgoals , just think we fantasize the bits and pieces people choose to share of their lives and relationships. 
8. I have not listened to my podcasts in a while, I need to catch up.
9. Is it bad that I am mesmerized by first lady's body? Dude!

Thursday, August 25, 2016

For her I will

1. #blackgirlmagic does not end with the Olympics
2. Thankful for the ram in the bush
3. Praying today is better than yesterday for everyone
4. Tomorrow is the day
5. Remember you were a kid once
6. I will attempt again on Saturday
7. Baby I got you~ Alec Hardison
8. What is soulja boy doing these days?
9. It's about the marriage not the wedding
10. Back into hiding I go
11. Wait! We will be in formation in about a month. What shall I wear?
12. Why are people shocked I haven't?
13. Thankful for God's grace and mercy!
14. I wonder when Mary J Blidge will have a new cd? After the divorce this music might be epic
15. I was with her, but slowing becoming I guess I'm with her
16. 2 weeks and 2 days!
17. I just broke my nail, rude!!
18. If I were arrested what do you think I was arrested for?
19. I told a friend I am going to start being a hoe, they laughed at me
20. I have had my new car for a year, is it still considered new?
21. Brunch on Sunday?
22. They decorated my cubicle a day early
23. Should have went to Starbucks
24. My hair is fantabulous today
25. Is it too early to take a nap?