Monday, May 20, 2013

Chest pains are never good.....

1. Think I will make some changes
2. I can admit I truly care for her
3. Thankful for peace of mind
4. Sometimes parents just don't understand
5. Kitchen experiment tonight :-)
6. Will not let fear consume me
7. Doing better
8. Why? Why not?
9. In the midst of it all!
10. Musiq.....Why do I pronounce it muz-eke?
11. Realized I skipped #11 and had to add later
12. Apricot scrub and to get skin better, stress is not a good look
13. Sitting waiting for doctor :-(
14. Doctor said I strained a muscle 
15. Off to rest and take meds
16. Am I the only person that is not really fond of Steve Harvey?
17. I am no good when I am sick :-(
18. So much easier bring fat!
19. Ask me one question.....anything :-/
20. Mexican black bean soup in crockpot today......