Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Things I have learned from 2 Chainz' B.O.A.TS. II #Metime

1. There are 32 ounces in a brick
2. If the Feds are watching me I need to be very fresh
3. He bought a new crib to have sex with me......little does he know
4. He has so much money on him it won't even fold.....maybe he needs to learn how to use a debit card
5. 2 Chainz feels that having a wife AND a girlfriend is acceptable.......seriously?
6. His trigger finger keeps itching he might need to go to the doctor otherwise he might be wearing 2 Chainz he might not like.....
7. If you are single guess what....2 Chainz wants to have your baby! Child support checks for everyone! (Oh.....but he has to put conception on YouTube)
8. There is a mainstream ratchet......guess I need to research the indie ratchet. How do they differ???
9. I guess I have never been to a party cause if 2 Chainz is not didn't happen
10. 2 Chainz is so ill he needs penicill.....guess he is pretty sick
11. Thanks to his cd the urge to scream out "2 CHAINZ" is forever in my spirit......

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