Monday, December 16, 2013

The Yonce did that!!!!

1. Beyoncé is singing about grown married woman things ~Suzanne
2. Beyoncé is not God!!! I may stan for this cd (not her) but that is it
3. Not since Erro and United Tenors have a listened to a cd like this
4. That Rocket video though! That bed drop.......let me stop!
5. Beyoncé is an entertainer and this cd is the total package
6.!!! I miss Frank Ocean and need some new music from him now
7. The videos truly make a movie. Do not ask how many times I have watched
8. This week's The Read is going to be epic!!!! They need to bring in Dustin
9. You didn't wake up like dis!!!! But I do embrace the idea of "flawless".......that will be my new ending hashtag today
10. I am now always calling her "The Yonce" it is all your fault!!! (You know who you are)
11. Partition...... I like, but not my fav, it makes me feel like I am sitting in Hov and her bedroom seeing while he is getting a private dance.....didn't need that image
12. We be all night!!!!!!!!!!
13. Yoncé kind of makes me want to get a grill.....platinum of course
14. Crissle's reaction to the release of the cd was classic!!!! Glad it is immortalized on YouTube
15. The discussion of feminism when it comes to Beyoncé.....interesting
16. Who is the masked man in Superpowers? To me it looks like Derrick Rose

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