Thursday, October 31, 2013

Thoughts while waiting till marriage......

1. My ultimate goal is to wait till marriage
2. This is not always easy
3. It makes sense to me
4. I often find it funny how people believe God for the material things, but don't believe he can sustain you while waiting
5. I do get tired of people's assumptions that being a virgin makes you a "good girl" associating sex to being bad or good is not cool
6. Realizes this decision has caused some people to not even attempt
7. Gets frustrated when people say they can respect my decision, but they just can't do it, to me it is saying you have no power over choices you make
8. Even if you are not waiting till marriage I truly don't understand how people can randomly sleep with people they hardly know....birth control is not 100% can you see yourself having a child with this person?
9. Waiting till marriage coupled with sometimes feeling I will never get married.....not a good feeling
10. I have never heard anybody say they regret waiting.....but I have heard plenty of people say they regret not waiting
11. My faith is the main motivation for me waiting amongst a few other things
12. I am not a unicorn!!!!
13. The look when people find out......sometimes reason why I usually don't disclose or avoid discussion
14. I still don't understand how you accidentally have sex.......there are several steps involved before you get it in
15. Please don't assume that I am naive
16. I have several friends who have waited till it can be done
17. Temptation is real.....if someone says it is not that's a lie
18. My views are not of judgment but more of my thought process
19. Why do people equate sex to love?
20. People who say it is easier for me because I have never......please don't assume (assuming is a major theme today)
21. This is my until you walk in my shoes
22. There is a reason why my short list are people that I can't have.....just being honest
23. This is something I am not ashamed of, don't know why anyone would be, but  I also don't look at it as a badge of is what it is
24. mother has no clue, she assumes too
25. When that day comes......
26. What if I never get married?
27. This past year had my first HIV/STD test......why was I nervous? 
28. Although I do feel sometimes I am the only one out there......I refuse to believe it
29. Really thinks people should have more open conversations about sex and sexuality......especially in the church
30. I am open to any questions from people who find it fascinating......but don't understand why people find it fascinating
31. Took a lot of me to type these out....and if you are reading this I actually got the courage to post it.

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